The proper selection of a seal will assure the reliability and safety that you have come to expect from Alpine Distribution. All of our seals are made from high quality steel to form strong joints and include a galvanized coating as a corrosion inhibitor.

Steel strapping has two basic seal joint types. One way to lock strap ends is to cut, or “notch” the seal and the strapping it joins to form tabs at the edges. These tabs are bent down (down notch joint) or bent up (reverse notch joint). The strength of the notch joint comes from the mechanical interlock between the seal and strapping. Notch joints are typically used on waxed strapping in packaging and unitizing applications.

Another way to seal the ends of steel strapping is to press, or “crimp” undulations into the seal and the strapping ends. The strength of the crimp joint comes from the deformed seal creating high frictional forces. Crimp joints produce high static and dynamic joint strengths and are used on applications like car loading in which the strapped load is subject to severe impact.

Alpine Distribution also carries a large selection of open, nestack, wire and buckle type seals for plastic strapping. Choosing the proper seal is largely dependent on the tools and strap being used.


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