Steel Coils

Steel Coils

Alpine Distribution supplies metallic-coated and painted steel coils for the construction market in the United States and Canada. Our facilities in Eugene, Oregon and Shreveport, Louisiana are strategically located to best serve those markets.

Alpine Distribution does not roll-form or own any processing equipment that would enable us to compete with our customers. This makes Alpine an ideal partner in your business. Being a customer of a potential competitor allows your competition to know your costs and paint codes. Alpine Distribution wants you, the customer, to do the roll-forming – so when you succeed we succeed.

Painted steel has been the material of choice for warehouses, agricultural buildings and gutters for many decades. The paint has a 40 year guarantee and is certified cool, with our exclusive Storm Shield protectant added to the paint, our coil offers many features you won’t find anywhere else. The most prominant features of Storm Shield protectant include:

    • Easier to clean which aids in maintaining warranty requirements.
    • Appearance will stay cleaner and newer longer.
    • Water beads instead of flattening out on surface resisting water penetration.
    • The paint has a “self-cleaning effect” during rain.
    • Repels dirt, stains, mold and mildew.
    • Should help snow and ice to slip off easier.
    • Protectant is mixed into paint rather than utilized as a coating.
    • Paint will last longer.
    • Tough surface that resists marring, transit abrasion, scratching and installation marks.

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