Strapex’s plastic strapping machines combine overall durability with practicality, creating a line of plastic strapping machines designed to perform efficiently and reliably in all production capacities. Suitable for a variety of applications, the SMG is available in different models to accommodate a wide range of package sizes and configurations.

Operator Friendly

SMG strapping machines are built with features that make it easier to operate than other strapping machines.  Mobile and ready to use anywhere, the SMG features adjustable working heights for integration into multiple lines. Other features include simple coil changing, push button tension adjustments and easy troubleshooting.

Easy To Maintain

SMG strapping machines simplify maintenance by combining a lubrication free design with fewer moving parts.  All parts are easily accessible and routine maintenance can be performed without tools.

Reduces Downtime

SMG strapping machines are equipped with several built-in features to help reduce downtime. The system automatically attempts to re-feed the strap up to three times if a strap jam occurs. A loop ejector prevents trap from jamming if the machine cycles without a package in place. And when the strap coil is near the end, the machine automatically ejects the last piece of strap, eliminating the need for operator retrieval.

Cost Efficient Strapping

The SMG 10 strapping machine can utilize 5mm polypropylene thin strap, while providing the same degree of package performance and reliability as 3/8″ or 1/2″ strap. With 5mm thin strap, customers get more strap per coil, fewer coil changeovers and better overall strap tension.


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