Tensioners and Sealers

Slotted drum tensioners provide maximum tension and cut after sealing. These tensioners are built for rugged applications but are simple to use. A low cost altrnative to combination tools.

Front action sealers are used with handles perpendicular to width of strapping. Operator pushes handles together to close seal. Typically used for lighter-duty applications.

Alpine includes four types of manual tensioners: Push, Rotary, Rotary Push, and Drum. Each tool is designed for safety and ergonomic function. This means that when you tension steel strapping, you get the desired result that fits the need of your application. Tool selection is dependent on your specific application.

Push – Irregular Packages
Push type tensioners push against the seal – strap end is bent back under the seal. Designed for use on packages where operating surface is limited or irregularly shaped.

Rotary – Flat Packages
Rotary or tightening wheel-type tensioners continuously take-up an unlimited amount of strapping. Strap need not be pre-cut to length. It can be used in any position. Best suited for flat compressible packages where more take-up is required.

Rotary Push – Irregular Packages
Operates like the push type tensioner, however combines the rotary wheel for unlimited take-up. Best suited for irregular shaped packages which are compressible where more take-up is needed.

Drum – Heavy Duty Use
Drum or windlass-type (limited take-up) tensioners apply heavy duty strapping in applications requiring higher tensions. They work with cut-to-length strapping. Tension is applied as rotating drum wraps around itself.

Alpine also carries single notch and double notch steel sealers.

Pneumatic tensioners allow the operator to effectively tighten the plastic strapping around your package. Uniform tension is maintained on each strap with clean, regualted and lubricated air pressure. Dependable tool performance is a function of the filter-regualtor-lubricator, which is recommended with any pneumatic tool.

With an Alpine manual plastic combination tool you can tension, seal and shear strapping in a single operation. By eliminating the need for separate single-function tools, combination tools make your strapping application faster, more convenient and more efficient.

As part of a full line of steel strapping tools, Alpine has pneumatic steel tensionsers, sealers and combination tools in a variety of options to meet your needs.

Alpine offers sealless combination tools that eliminate the need for metal seals. These tools are designed for high plastic strapping seal joint efficiency, and lower total packaging costs. Seamless joints are created by rubbing the two overlapping straps together, which creates heat thru friction. This heat in turn welds the strap together.

Alpine offers sealless combination tools that eliminate the need for metal seals. These tools are designed for high steel strapping seal joint efficiency and lower total packaging costs. Using a punch-and-die to cut an interlocking wave shape pattern into the overlapping straps creates sealless joints.


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